Summary of Services:

Legal and Insurance Investigations
Locating & Interviewing Witnesses
Witness Statements
Discovery of Liabilities, Liens, Judgments
Asset Investigator
Background Investigations
Video Surveillance
Due Diligence
Record Searches
Accident Reconstruction

Corporate Investigations
Workplace Investigator
Covert Surveillance
Background/Associate Investigations
Due Diligence
Record Searches
Corporate Espionage
Internal Theft

Personal Investigations
Infidelity, Divorce and Child Custody Investigations
Spousal and Premarital Investigations
Neighborhood Canvasses (When Authorized)
Video Documentation
Locating Runaways and Missing Persons
Criminal Investigations
Help with Adoption Issues
People Locates (Skip-Trace)
Record Searches

Background Investigations:
Specialized Database Research
Liabilities, Liens and Judgments
Driver’s License Records
Vehicle Registration Records
Marriage and Divorce Records
Civil & Criminal Records
Sex Offender Records
Bankruptcy Records
Telephone Records
Non Published Phone Numbers
Asset Searches
Employment Verification
Identity Theft
Counter-Measures (Phone Tap Detection and De-Bugging)
Property Records
Business Searches
Associates Searches
Relative Searches
Civil Lawsuits
Property Ownership

Focuss Service Group | Texas PSB License No.: C18400 | Richmond, TX

Investigation Services

Focuss Service Group has experienced investigators that can handle all of your investigation needs; from simple background investigations to complex fraud investigations. Let Focuss Service Group put their tenacious investigative tools to work to uncover external, as well as internal, threats to you or your organization. Enabling you to concentrate on growing your business and continuing your successes.